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TV News: Daredevil’s 2nd Season Adds Two Major Characters

daredevil2015smallThrough a growing number of impressive original series, Netflix has established a middle ground between television and cinema. Series that debut with the streaming service are meant to be “binge watched,” or at least viewed in short time, meaning they’re consumed like lengthy films. On the other hand, the episodic and season-based format generally keeps these same programs more closely related to TV. And because of this classification (and despite the binge watching), Netflix has seemingly chosen to make fans wait a year between new seasons of its original series, mimicking the style of ordinary television.

Thus, we still have a while to wait before Daredevil rolls out its second season, but already the Netflix/Marvel project is producing an active rumor and news mill. The debut season was widely praised by critics, earning a glowing 98% at Rotten Tomatoes and frequently being cited as a necessary foray into darker, more adult action for the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” And now the second season is being anticipated as a launchpad for what’s about to become a lengthy, multi-show initiative for Netflix and Marvel; “The Defenders,” another branch of Marvel heroes, will all receive Netflix shows, with Daredevil leading the way.

Naturally there are still a lot of questions about the extent of this project and the specific nature of the follow-up shows, but for now we can confirm that Daredevil has already added two very major characters from the comics. Let’s take a look at those two and how they figure to be received by the insatiable superhero cinema audience.

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