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If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/3/15

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

groundfloor23smallIn a bizarre move, TBS canceled one of my favorite comedies, Ground Floor, so next week’s season finale will be the series finale. It’s odd, since the ratings have been going UP for the show, and it sucks since I’m sure they didn’t find out about it much earlier than the news was released to the public, so I doubt they had time to prepare, which means the finale may suck for a series ender. 🙁

The show’s been on a great trend, getting Mansfield more involved with all the others (last week’s dinner with Brody, Jenny, Harvard, & Lindsay was particularly funny). Jenny has gone back to college — with Mansfield’s help — and Brody is now living with Jenny in her apartment. The only sticking point has been that Jenny told Brody she never wanted to get married. With the show ending next week, unless they knew ahead of time and planned for it somehow, we’ll never see if he’s able to change her mind. And don’t let the episode title & description fool you, because if it does, I think you’ll be disappointed! 🙁

On tonight’s episode, “The Proposal Pt 1,” Brody’s ex-girlfriend Heather (Anna Camp) returns as a partner in the company, and Brody thinks he’s falling behind. Jenny decides to try to cheer him up by helping him cross something off his “goal” list. Lindsay helps Mansfield when his daughter’s perfect island wedding goes awry.

To see if Lindsay & Jenny can help Mansfield & Brody, tune in to TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing MasterChef: Junior, NCIS (Palmer’s baby shower at work!), Hotel Showdown, Kate Plus 8, Married at First Sight , NCIS: NOLA (CGIS Agent Abigail Borin is back — Borin needs her own show: CGIS!), Chicago Fire, Chopped, Forever, Person of Interest, Restaurant Startup, & Cougar Town.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/9/14

We’re counting down the days till Christmas, and I’ve been enjoying all the Food Network Christmas episodes of their shows as I make lists and get ready for the big day (which, in our case, is the 21st, since that’s when my mom, sister, & brother-in-law will be here). We’re also gearing up for my kid’s trip to London on the 27th. So yeah, busy time around here! That means I’m loving settling down on the couch under a blanket and watching all the great TV. To that end, check out our recommendations on what you should be watching tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

groundfloor129smallI’m so happy because the season premiere of Ground Floor on TBS is on tonight, and that’s my pick. We were introduced last season to Brody—a banker who works on one of the top floors of the building—and Jenny—who works maintenance on the…well, the ground floor (basement? *shrug*). They didn’t let that stop them from beginning a relationship, much to the disappointment of “Harvard,” who works with Jenny and fancies himself in love with her. His brilliantly sarcastic boss, Mansfield (played by the fantastic John C. McGinley), tried to persuade Brody that he needed to focus on work, and he thought he’d succeeded in the finale when he promoted Brody and had him moving to China…but at the very last second, Brody chose to go with Jenny to Paris instead…and got fired because of it.

So now that Brody doesn’t have a job with Mansfield anymore, what will happen? From the preview I’ve seen, I have a good idea, but I can’t wait to see how it plays out. I simply adored Skylar Astin & Briga Heelan as Brody & Jenny, and I love John C. McGinley & Mansfield. The rest of the cast is great too, so I have high hopes for season two!

On tonight’s episode, “Unforgiven,” when they return from Paris, Brody has to face the music for abandoning Mansfield, and Jenny has to deal with the fact a spurned Harvard has fired almost everyone on the ground floor. Getting back in Mansfield’s good books will be harder than Brody ever imagined, especially now that the number-smart but people-challenged Lindsay has already taken his place.

To see if Brody can get back into Mansfield’s good graces, tune in to TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing MasterChef: Junior, MasterChef Canada, Chopped, Chrisley Knows Best, Forever, & Benched.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/16/14

Poor Kyle’s power went off again last night… Luckily, it didn’t last all night! JJ’s taking the night off, too, so Megan & I are here to give you our recommendations. 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

groundfloor116smallTonight is the season finale of Ground Floor, on TBS. I’ve really enjoyed this new show. It’s a cute little comedy gem, and I don’t think enough people watch it. Even Harvard, who I didn’t like in the first couple of episodes, has grown on me. Last week, Brody tried to tell Jenny he loved her, but it seemed like everyone was working against her, telling her they loved her (platonically & as friends, of course—except for Harvard, who dfinitely didn’t mean it platonically. LOL). Meanwhile, Jenny had earned enough air miles to go to Paris, but Brody was shocked when she hadn’t even considered taking him. In the end, he finally cornered her in the little area with the dumpsters and then told her he loved her—and she reciprocated, telling him she loved him, too. Of course, then he learned that instead of Threepeat getting the job like he’d expected, Mansfield was promoting Brody and sending him to head up their new office in China…

So now Brody has to make the choice between a job that he knows he’d love and the woman he loves. I don’t see Jenny wanting to go with him—not that the show would take them to China… Not long-term, anyway. I’m interested to see how they handle Brody’s decision!

On tonight’s episode, “The Decision, Part Two,” Brody faces a difficult choice between the job he always wanted with Mansfield and the love he never expected with Jenny. So he tries to come up with a third option. Threepeat is forced to stay with Harvard after losing his apartment, but he soon discovers Harvard’s place in a converted funeral home isn’t technically zoned for the living.

Find out what decision Brody makes tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing The Taste, Chopped Canada, The Michael J. Fox Show, & Panic Button.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/19/13

We’re less than a week away from Christmas—and my birthday is tomorrow—so I’m getting more and more excited every day. We’re doing Christmas tomorrow night with my kiddo since he leaves for two weeks on Saturday morning, so that’s good. But even with the upcoming holiday, there are still a few things on worth recommending, so check out our thoughts! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice

groundfloorsmallI’m really loving Ground Floor. I love the characters—I still say John C. McGinley is my favorite, although I like them all. Last week, the firm went to a baseball game, but Brody had already promised to go to the game with Jenny—who was rooting for the other team. He screwed up when he sneaked away to go join his firm and root for his team, but Jenny found out he hadn’t actually gone to the bathroom when a ball flew up into the box and Brody caught it…getting his face on the big screen. To make it up to her—after Mansfield gave him a talking to and then pulled some strings—he went out onto the field to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” and he publically supported Jenny’s team, not his own. It was really cute.

On tonight’s episode, “If I Were a Rich Man,” tired of watching Harvard, Derrick and Tori blow their money on lottery tickets, Jenny convinces them to invest with Brody. One white lie later, they’re all convinced they’re rich and would be millionaires and Harvard decides to give Mansfield a piece of his mind. Meanwhile Brody and Threepeat have to give bad news to some of the firm’s temperamental clients, including a fiery John McEnroe.

Laugh along with me tonight on TBS at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching Panic Button.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/5/13

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, but somehow, I still have most of my Christmas shopping still to go—it’s hard to believe it’s less than three weeks away! I’m enjoying the lighter volume of new TV we get around this time of year, as it gives me a chance to catch up on my TiVo backlog before January’s midseason onslaught. We’ve got some suggestions to help you choose what to watch tonight…

Kyle’s Choice

comedinewithmesmallCome Dine With Me was one of my favorite cooking shows a while back when it aired on BBC America. The Food Network also tried a similar show that didn’t last very long, but it wasn’t quite the same format. However, tonight, Lifetime brings back the original series. Each episode takes place over a week, where amateur cooks take turns holding dinner parties for one another. At the end of each night, the dinner guests speak frankly about the meal and give their rating. At the end of the week, the scores are totaled to see who gave the best dinner party. It’s always fun to see how petty some of these people are—saying how great everything is to the chef, but then in the car ride home, they start trash-talking so they can justify giving a low score (in order to improve their own chances of winning). However, there are also some of those who actually give credit where credit is due. I find the show a lot of fun to watch and am looking forward to it returning to my TV.

On tonight’s first episode, “Beets Backlash,” Angela prepares an Armenian allspice meal; Bill perfects his Italian-inspired menu; Cathy pushes boundaries with risky dishes; Sayeh makes a confession that may jeopardize her chances of winning. Then on the second episode, “Smokin’ Ribs,” Beth hopes her chances do not go up in smoke; Tania entertains with an Italian gangster style; Jackson serves an Asian sensation; Alex tries to win the hearts of his guests.

See if these amateur chefs can actually cook tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c & 11/10c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Big Bang Theory, The Millers, The Crazy Ones, Elementary, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Grey’s Anatomy, The Sound of Music Live!, Glee, White Collar, and The Returned.
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