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Robot Chicken: The Walking Dead Special Review

The stop-motion animated series Robot Chicken has ventured into the worlds of Star Wars and DC Comics for previous specials, but for its latest 22-minute themed special, the series takes on The Walking Dead. As the special opens, a nerd is visiting the U.S. Walking Dead Museum, which was established to honor and celebrate the heroes who saved the humans from the walkers, found a cure to the walker virus, and brought an end to the Walk-pocolypse—the group known as “Rick and the Gang”. The young man acting as the tour guide for the museum is being quite liberal with the facts, getting all sorts of information wrong. This angers an older Carl who is hiding in the shadows. He pulls the nerdy tourist aside to correct this information, and starts to recount the events that really happened.

The special is a collection of shorts based on many of the memorable/major events from the first 7 seasons of The Walking Dead. These are a fun mix of recreations, parodies, comical speculation as to what happened after the moments we saw on the show, and other general craziness set in the The Walking Dead universe. There are some funny running jokes such as people thinking Carl is a girl, due to his long hair. There are also some really hilarious musical moments such as Negan singing about his signature dip move, a chained-up Merle singing a love duet with a walker, and the Terminus folks (led by he voice of Daniel Radcliffe) singing a welcome song to Rick and the gang about how they have no plans to eat them. There is also a really creative sequence that is shot from the POV of a walker—we hear his inner monologue as he searches for food and falls to his death (again). And another sequence gives a Superman-like origin to Lucille the bat. Overall, the writing is quite clever, and you can really tell those involved are big fans of The Walking Dead.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 12/17/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

There probably aren’t many people who aren’t familiar with the 1983 film A Christmas Story – it has become a Christmas classic. Five years ago, the film was adapted to a Broadway musical, and tonight FOX will present the special 3-hour live event, A Christmas Story Live! The play is set in 1940s Indiana, where an eleven-year-old dreamer Ralphie (Andy Walken) desperately wants a Red Ryder BB Gun for Christmas. However, his parents (Chris Diamantopoulos & Maya Rudolph) are worried that Ralphie will shoot his eye out and say no. So Ralphie decides to take his request directly to Santa (David Alan Grier). This humorous and nostalgic story is narrated by a grown-up Ralphie (Matthew Broderick), who recounts his misadventures with his friends as they deal with school bullies, Ralphie’s annoying younger brother Randy, and a grumpy but loving father who always finds something to complain about.

I have seen the original film countless numbers of times – TBS airs a 24-hour marathon of the movie each year on Christmas Day. I have a hard time imagining these beloved characters being played by different actors, but I am really looking forward to tonight’s live production. I’m interested to see how this story translates into a musical – I have been a huge fan of these live musicals that the TV networks have been putting on each year! The cast sounds amazing. In addition to those already mentioned above, the production will also star Jane Krakowski as teacher Miss Shields; Ana Gasteyer as Mrs. Schwartz, the mother of one of Ralphie’s friends; Ken Jeong as the restaurant owner; and pop boy band PRETTYMUCH playing carolers.

Don’t miss this fun Christmas experience LIVE tonight on FOX starting at 7/6c.

I’ll also be watching/recording MythBusters and SMILF.
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