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Walker Season Two DVD Review

Jared Padalecki returned to his lead role as Texas Ranger Cordell Walker on Walker season two on DVD in early October, just before season three premiered on The CW. Picking up three months after the jaw-dropping season one finale, the show follows Walker as he’s reintegrated back into his role on his family’s ranch. Although life seems to be getting back to normal, things quickly take a turn when a family from Walker’s past returns to live in the vacant ranch next door. From Travis County’s newest district attorney Denise Davidson (Amara Zaragoza) and her shady, short-fused husband Dan Davidson (Dave Annable) to Walker’s childhood love Gale Davidson (Paula Marshall), these new neighbors ignite years of trauma from Walker’s childhood.

Walker: Season Two also stars Lindsey Morgan, as well as Keegan Allen, Molly Hagan, Kale Culley, Violet Brinson, Mitch Pileggi, Ashley Perez, Jeff Pierre, & Odette Annable.

The five-disc collection includes all 20 episodes, plus an exclusive gag reel and eight never-before-seen deleted scenes.

Be sure to take home Walker: Season Two on DVD now from Amazon.

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