If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/30/15

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Megan’s Choice

hawaiifiveo130smallI’m happy that Hawaii Five-0 is coming back tonight after a week off, because it’s still one of my favorite shows to enjoy on a Friday night. The last episode, we watched as Steve lost his mind when his car was stolen, demanding the uniforms find it right away—they did, but unfortunately it had already been stripped. Steve pulled a MacGyver move and made fingerprint-lifting solution out of stuff in his trunk, finding the prints of the thief, who turned out to be a homeless teenage boy. I loved seeing the soft side of Steve as he gave the kid a break, got him a job, and showed a kindness for his situation—it’s a rare moment for the usually tough Navy Seal. The case of the week was a disturbing one, where we found out that the murders were being committed to cover up a crime that was committed years ago, when a security officer from a boys’ probation camp killed four boys because he said no one would miss them. I was so sad watching that but happy that in the end, the truth came out and the boys got justice.

On tonight’s episode, “La Po’ino (Doomsday),” a patient with a contagious and deadly strain of bird flu is kidnapped—and the people responsible plan to weaponize the virus. Terry O’Quinn guest stars.

To see how the team help save Hawaii from the virus, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Hart of Dixie, Constantine, 12 Monkeys, Glee, Grimm, and Blue Bloods.
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Jenny’s Choice

cristela130smallI’ve loved every episode of Cristela so far. She is a sharp-witted and funny comedienne and that carries over to the show. The family scenes are great, but I love seeing her at work, too, with the different relationships there. Cristela and Josh are cute—he is this uber-nerdy, kind of shy guy and she’s very outspoken, but they’re adorable. I didn’t think I’d like Maddie, but she’s turned out to be pretty funny too, and she’s the perfect complement to Cristela’s down-to-earth persona. And Trent is a pompous, rich, sexist, racist egomaniac, but he’s learning—and it’s obvious sometimes how much he cares about Cristela, even if he doesn’t show it. Last week was all about bullying, and it was a good lesson for all of Cristela’s family, that sometimes they’re bullies when they don’t even realize it and don’t mean to be. I think that’s a lesson all of us can learn from.

On tonight’s episode, “Hypertension,” Daniela suggests that Cristela try to lose a little weight so that she will be healthier and will find a man, and she convinces Cristela to go and get a blood pressure test with her. Josh decides to learn CPR in hopes of looking good in front of Trent.

Learn who really has high blood pressure tonight on ABC at 8:31/7:31c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Last Man Standing, 12 Monkeys, Grimm, Hawaii Five-0, King of the Nerds, Love Lust or Run, & Blue Bloods.

Kyle’s Choice

kotn130smallI had forgotten just how much I enjoyed King of the Nerds until I watched last week’s season premiere! In the opener, the twelve new nerds were divided into two teams and competed to build Rube Goldberg Machines that would raise their team flags. The Green team lost the challenge and unanimously voted slacker Ori into the Nerd-Off. Meanwhile, the Blue team blindsided the Green team by unexpectedly making Jacob their choice. The “Nerdzilla” Nerd-Off involved a manga trivia challenge, a topic Ori was extremely familiar with. He aced the challenge (which all sounded like gibberish to me), and Jacob was sent packing.

Watching these guys destroy Very Very Little Tokyo in their Godzilla costumes as they got the questions correct was so hilarious! While Ori probably deserved to go this week due to how little he helped his team in the first challenge, I think it will be interesting to keep him around, as the rest of his team hates him. I haven’t really decided who I’m rooting for yet, but the one person I wouldn’t mind seeing gone is NASA girl, Dr. Kaitlin, who doesn’t seem to be there to enjoy the experience, just to win the money. However, she is part of the secret cross-team, all-girl alliance. How long will that idea last, and will the guys figure things out before it’s too late?

This show is so much fun and full of geeky goodness. I can’t wait to see what challenges the teams face tonight!

On tonight’s episode, “And Now for Something Different,” cosplay tests the nerds, and one team is tossed into Mount Doom. Appearing: Yaya Han; Tara Strong; and Billy Boyd.

Check out the great (& interesting!) costumes & characters tonight on TBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Cristela, Grimm, Glee, 12 Monkeys, Helix, Banshee, and Newsreaders.

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