If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/10/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, the second season of black-ish comes to an end. Last week Dre had an emotional time dropping Zoey off at college for her two-day pre-college orientation, and what followed was a backdoor pilot for a fun potential spin-off series. Minutes after she arrived, Zoey met and befriended Miriam, the only other seemingly sane person there. She also discovered that Charlie was moonlighting as an adjunct marketing professor at the college. As she and Miriam explored the campus, Zoey met and fell in love with Aaron, a Black Student Union representative who was fighting to protect the all-black dorm from being shut down by the school’s administrators. Zoey learned that due to Dre’s obsession with the McRib, she did not have any housing for the upcoming semester, but her speech to the administrators about keeping the segregated dorms earned her the position of cultural liaison to the administer’s office, which came with housing.

I really enjoyed last week’s backdoor pilot, and I would totally watch that series. It will be interesting to see if ABC announces it as part of their new lineup at next week’s Upfronts. The potential series has a similar feeling to the original, with Zoey doing the narration like Dre does, and her position at the school is not unlike her father’s role at his work. Tonight we return to the rest of the family for the show’s season finale. What adventures await the Johnsons, and is tonight the night the latest addition to the family arrives?

On tonight’s finale, “Sprinkles,” Dre throws Bow’s baby shower and wants it to be unforgettable, but his plans are put on hold when Bow stops by the OB/GYN with a headache and discovers she is having complications.

See if everything works out okay for Bow and the baby tonight on ABC at 9:31/8:31c.

I’ll also be watching/recording The Goldbergs, Speechless, Modern Family, Designated Survivor, Survivor, Criminal Minds, Arrow, The 100, Fargo, and Archer.
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Megan’s Choice

What a ride we’ve been on with Criminal Minds this season – cast changes and characters being pushed to the edge. Watching Reid in prison was such an emotional rollercoaster, and I am so happy he’s finally been released, but now we have to see him face the crazy women who put him there. Yes, women. Last week, they figured out that it wasn’t Mr. Scratch behind it all. It was Cat Adams, the serial killer/hitwoman from last season, who Reid helped capture. He then lied to her about letting her see her father and instead got her to walk out on her own, only to be arrested. So now she impersonated Scratch to get Reid and put him in prison like he did her. Unfortunately, Cassie, Diana Reid’s original home aid, was found dead. At the end of the episode, Reid walked back into prison, this time to visit Cat…and hopefully save his mother.

I’m hoping that this story line will bring out a tougher side of Reid, which will lead to even more in-depth stories next season.

Another reason to be excited about tonight’s finale is that Derek Morgan (Shemar Moore) is returning for a guest appearance. Morgan returns to help the team find Scratch. I miss Morgan, but I do enjoy Luke and think he should be the one with Garcia now. (Speaking of Luke… How sexy was he when he informed Shaw that he was being transferred to another prison out of state – one where some of his Bratva enemies were also prisoners??)

On tonight’s episode, “Red Light,” caught in an impossible scenario, Reid must square off with an old nemesis, and Derek Morgan comes to the team with a lead that might help catch Mr. Scratch, the elusive fugitive that has been tormenting the team all season.

To find out if they can recover Reid’s mom and if Morgan can help save the day one more time, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Blindspot, Chicago PD, Shots Fired, Law & Order: SVU, and Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Jenny’s Choice

Last week was an interesting and kind of sad case on Chicago PD. A former bank robber who was shot by the FBI years before was now running his own gang of bank robbers out of his auto shop. Unfortunately, the members of his little gang were all teenage boys. Two were caught as they fled from the scene of their latest robbery – one was shot and killed by Lindsay when he turned and seemed to be lifting the automatic weapon he was carrying; the other was captured. Lindsay felt horrible because he was only 14, but she really had no choice. We met Det. Hailey Upton, from Robbery-Homicide, who was already working the robberies when Intelligence joined in, and while it was a bit touchy at first, she ended up working well and getting along well with them, so much so that Voight offered her the open spot while Burgess is out “taking care of her sister” (or on maternity leave for the actress…). She didn’t accept or turn it down, so it’ll be interesting to see if she comes back. I really liked her, so that would be fun if she does! The character had a cool tie with Trudy, too. Back when Trudy worked Robbery-Homicide, she responded to a diner shooting, where the owner was shot one night. Trudy kept his daughter company and kept her calm. That daughter happened to be Hailey, who admitted to Trudy at the end (when she told her about their previous connection) that Trudy was the reason she became a cop. You could see just how much that meant to Trudy. I loved it.

We only have two episodes left this season, including tonight. Both should feature some heavy-duty Lindsay stuff, but I gotta say, I’m not real happy with TPTB about breaking her and Halstead up. Argh. Also, I hope the season doesn’t end with her job or life in peril. I love her, so I don’t want to worry! Frankly, I don’t want to worry about any of them! (Gah! I hate this time of year! LOL)

On tonight’s episode, “Army of One,” a live video is streamed online showcasing a tortured man being beaten and burned alive. Upon further investigation, the victim’s identity is traced back to that of a man who had been previously locked up for statutory rape. When another attack of a similar nature occurs, Intelligence finds a connection between the crimes, suspected pedophiles, and group named the Perv Hunters. Meanwhile, Lindsay runs into a few bumps in the road — both personally and professionally.

See what throws Lindsay a curve ball tonight on NBC at 10/9c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Blindspot, The Goldbergs, Cooks vs Cons, Criminal Minds, Law & Order: SVU, Modern Family, & Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders.

Phoebe’s Choice

For over a year now, Canadian-American comedian Samantha Bee has been delivering top-notch political laughs in tight pants and a business jacket on Wednesday nights on TBS. Since she was a former long-time correspondent on The Daily Show with John Stewart, I had hoped she might get the job headlining the newest incarnation of that show. But when Trevor Noah got the nod instead, my consolation prize was that Sam got her own show, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Already in its second season, the show did a special last month, titled: “NOT the White House Correspondents Dinner. Thrown on the same night as the actual Correspondents Dinner, which Trump did not attend either, Sam’s version featured pre-recorded sketch comedy interspersed with footage from the event. Another innovative aspect of the show that resonated well with me was that it was a Twitter TV event. I had not even known that they do specials and shows on Twitter, but apparently they do. Next to my regular Twitter feed, I was able to watch the broadcast “live” the night it took place, April 29th.

The special featured a series of looks back to other presidents Bee claimed to have roasted, starting with Woodrow Wilson, whom she roasted in a silent-film format. Portions of the show played as a normal episode of the show with an in-depth analysis of current stories interesting to her and her left-leaning audience, only this time she delivered it from behind a podium. Topics for this hour-long special ranged from manufactured drama on mainstream news outlets and the science of “Alt Facts” taught to us by “Dr.” Steve Buscemi. Throughout the show, she teased that a very special guest was expected, and eventually we were rewarded by a cameo appearance by Will Ferrell in his classic satirical study of G.W. Bush.

On tonight’s episode, “May 10, 2017,” between religious freedom and healthcare reform, Republicans have been very busy, so Samantha examines the fruits of their labors.

If you lean to the left and love to laugh, check it out tonight on TBS at 10:30/9:30c.

I’ll also be watching Archer & Arrow.

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