No Internet Means No Schedule!

I was right in the end of getting Sunday written up on the weekly schedule, when my internet died. Called in, rebooted everything, and nothing. So they’re coming out to check it out… But they won’t be here until Monday afternoon!

I’m crawling on my phone to post this. Dunno why it’s so slow. But regardless, I can’t do the schedule on it. I’m so sorry! Especially after last week! I promise, I’ll have it up as soon as I possibly can. Again, check Kyle’s site in the meantime.

Thank you for all your support and understanding. Love you guys!

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11 Responses to No Internet Means No Schedule!

  1. Nick Banks says:

    It’s a conspiracy!

  2. Jporter says:

    I’m now lost.

  3. Roger Galliett says:

    Avenue 5 on HBO Sunday and a 2-hour cross-over Station 19/Gray’s Anatomy on ABC Thursday.

  4. I genuinely feel for you! 🥵

  5. T says:

    This is so rude of that company. Everyone knows schedule will be posted as soon as you can. You are awesome and deeply appreciated.

  6. Debbie says:

    This makes me realize how much I rely on your web site and posts! Thanks for everything you do and here’s to a quick recovery!

  7. Louis Hazard says:

    Stuff happens. Appreciate all you do. Hope they get it all figured out.

  8. Mariel Harder says:

    Boo. But thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can wait. ..

  9. A says:

    When your job relies on a company who says, I’ll be there some time between Monday and Wednesday, your political opinions on monopolies probably just changed a bit.

  10. Robert says:

    I love my pacifier I look at it everyday please hurry back I’m missing it already

  11. Jenny says:

    Thank you guys so, so much. It’s back, so I’m finishing up the weekly schedule now and will post ASAP. Tomorrow’s schedule and Remote will be up in the morning as usual. 🙂 Big squishy hugs to everyone for your support!