No Schedules This Week…

Let me start off by saying I love you guys. I love this site, and I love doing the schedules. Usually. But I’ve been doing the weekly and daily schedules pretty much since April of 2007. That’s over 13 years. And the schedules are and have always been done by me alone. In the last few months, I’ve had to force myself more and more to work on them each Saturday, because they take me all afternoon to do. Not to mention then the daily schedules every day. Today I found myself in tears because it was nearly 5:00, and I was only halfway through Sunday on the weekly schedule. I’d found way after way of procrastinating before finally settling in to work on it, and it was already almost dinnertime, and I was just starting. I decided I just couldn’t do it. I desperately need a break. So…I’m taking one. We may still do some Remote posts. Those don’t take nearly as long to do, and I like telling you guys what I/we are really interested in watching. So keep an eye out. But for this week…and probably next week too, there will be no weekly or daily TV schedules on here. If I don’t take a good break now, I’m pretty sure it’ll get to the point soon where I just shut the site down completely, and I really don’t want to do that. I hope you guys understand.

For now, you can see a schedule a variety of places online. You just have to search for TV schedule and you’ll find them. You can also check out Kyle’s site,, and he has a schedule he puts up.

Like I said, keep an eye out for the Remote posts, and I’ll plan to see you with a new schedule in a few weeks. Love you guys!

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31 Responses to No Schedules This Week…

  1. Becky D says:

    We appreciate your work on this each day and week. I’m glad you’re able to recognize when you need a break before it’s too late.
    I can post what I plan to watch in case it helps someone. I didn’t check to see that all episodes were new.
    Sun 15th – who wants to be a millionaire on ABC at 8c
    Mon 16th – weakest link on NBC at 9c
    Good Dr on ABC at 9c
    Bull on CBS at 9c … Too bad they are all on at the same time
    Tues 17th – this is us on NBC at 8c
    Transplant on NBC at 9c
    Big sky on ABC at 9c
    Wed 18th – for life on ABC at 9c
    Thurs 19th – a million little things on ABC at 9c
    Fri 20th – blacklist on NBC at 7c
    I haven’t looked into the Christmas movies but check this when I have time to watch

  2. Tika Maus says:

    Sweet pea, take all the time you need to coddle yourself good & heavy. Your long, hard, diligent work has built up a crazy amount of goodwill and generous feelings from me. I’ll still be here whenever you feel up to it. We’ll be fine. ❤️

  3. Josh says:

    While I do rely on your site so much, your mental health is way more important than telling us whats on tv this week. You take all the time you need and you come back when you feel ready. Do not feel any pressure from this community. There are plenty of other ways to find out whats on tv (none as helpful as this one) but never let this site ruin your life if you can’t make a post for the week.

  4. Louis Hazard says:

    Thank you for everything you have been doing all these years. Taking whatever time you need to rest and rejuvenate are the best thing you can do, not only for yourself, but for others you have been such a blessing for. Burnout benefits no one. Till you decide when the time is right to return, may you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe.

  5. Lauren says:

    Take all the time you need, we will be patient! 🤗 we appreciate you

  6. KJ says:

    Rest, refresh, restore. We’ll miss you, but it’s more important that you take care of yourself.

  7. tom says:

    Take the break. You should consider getting paid for your curative services….either from advertisers or making your blog paid subscription based… I’d pay. I sit down with it every weekend. I support your efforts…feel better.

  8. mrwheat says:

    Why don’t we crowdsource it and you simply review?

    • Mike says:

      That’s what I was thinking. We would need Jenny’s expert eye for review/editing, and we could do the legwork for a while. Thank you, Jenny!

      • SAL says:

        I would also be totally willing to help. Maybe if we could find seven helpers, each person could compile the info for a single day of the week to split the load. For what it’s worth, I actually am an editor by profession, and I know some *very* basic HTML and WordPress stuff if that’s useful, so if you would want help compiling all the helpers’ data into one post-able file, I could likely do that.

        Regardless, you deserve all the break you need, and I’m glad you’re taking one. Not that you need anyone’s permission or blessing. 🙂

        • Tom says:

          Nothing more important than taking care of yourself.

          I have been using this website for at least a couple of years, and really respect that it has always only existed for the love of good TV.

          I would be happy to help, for whatever that is worth. I have a lot of experience working with databases and managing data flows.

  9. todd redlin says:

    a very sad day indeed i have been checking this site every day since the beginning. I will for sure miss getting my tv schedule from you. Thank you for everything.

  10. David De Leon says:

    Thank You so much for the years of enjoyment you have provided me thru your postings and I definitely await your return! You will be missed!!!

  11. tibbi says:

    We’ll all miss you until you are lovely enough to grace us with your posts again. No matter when that is. The important thing is you take care of yourself. Have a good vacation. And thank you again for all your hard work on this website.

  12. Susan Southerland says:

    Take as much time as you need, and if you feel like you’re done with it altogether, then that’s fine too. i had no idea you were doing this for free, i guess i never thought about it. You’ve done a great job. Hope you do something just for fun next Saturday! Thanks again.

  13. Jenny says:

    Thank you guys, truly. And honestly, yeah, having some help, another person or even two, would be great! Once I’ve had a few days to decompress, I’ll think about it more and maybe post something for those who are interested in learning more.

    Thanks again!

  14. Joe Tom Collins says:


  15. Ben says:

    All the best. I love your site, am on here nearly every day. I wouldn’t mind if there was an advertisement or two on the site if the money helped justify spending so much of your time on it.

    • Crystal Roberts says:

      I agree!!! If it benefits you and makes it worth your time definitely add an ad or 5. You do awesome work and should get paid for your time!

      • Amg says:

        Or 100! This is the only side that I can find that doesn’t do grid hours which are hard to navigate by timw/day. I love the list!

  16. kelsie says:

    Thank you for your work!

  17. Crystal says:

    Thank you for taking the time to put these schedules together- TV is MY pacifier 🙌🏼💯. I have had this site pinned to my homepage for 5+ years!!! You do and have done a great job. Enjoy your break and take some time for YOURSELF-you deserve it!!!!!!! Sending nothing but happy positive vibes!!

  18. mickrussom says:

    your work is the best. saves me truckloads of time. dont get burned out, take a break. i wish this data could be programmatically obtained – its great that anyone is doing this at all! thanks!

  19. Celi says:

    Good for you.

  20. kelly grant says:

    Thank you for all you do and done.

  21. Suzanne says:

    Thank you for what you have done for all these years. You totally deserve a break and I am glad that you are going to take one. But that being said, if there is a way for me to help I am willing to do that as well. This seems like a lot to put on one person. Give it some thought.

  22. Mike Logan says:

    Suck it up TV Boy. Now get back to work.

  23. jerome says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for everything you do on this site, Jenny. It’s so lovely to not be inundated with flashy ads on a website in 2020, and I appreciate all the work you put into these schedules. I’m glad you’re taking some time for yourself. You deserve it!

  24. Phoebe says:

    *hands in a heart*

  25. Jesse G says:

    Hey, no worries and please get some rest! You help so many people with this awesome site and I’m so very grateful for it. Your well being and health comes first, so once again thank you so Much for all the hard work you out into this! Wishing you the best and we will see you when you’re feeling much better! Take care ❤️