Volunteers Needed!

You guys have been so great about my needing a break. I’ve missed the schedule, oddly enough. LOL But the break has been great. I woke up this morning and thought, I can edit for work, watch TV, read, work on my first diamond painting… I can do whatever I want to do. *sigh* It was a good feeling, know my whole afternoon wasn’t going to be tied up. But I know I’ll be ready to get back to it next week. I just want some help on Saturdays to put together the weekly schedule, which will take a load off my shoulders and still let me work on it and get it out for you guys.

That being said… I’m asking for volunteers. I can handle the daily schedules, especially if I have a couple of people helping put together the weekly. So if you have time on Saturday each week and are interested, fill out the contact form below and let me know your availability. If you’re only available every other Saturday or once a month, just put that in there. My goal is to get enough people that no one feels overwhelmed.

What it will entail: Right now, it’s a pretty low-tech, old-school way of doing it. I have a WordPad file (because I can write up the code needed for WordPress without getting any extra code in there from Microsoft Word, and using a different program to view the code is just too heavy for this simple stuff…) that I just simply copy/paste into. It really is simple and straightforward. You DON’T need to know any coding or even WordPress. As long as you can copy and paste and look things up online, you should be able to do the job easily. <3

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