Ray Donovan: The Movie DVD Review

Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber, was unexpectedly cancelled after season 7, when fans thought they were gearing up for season 8 to be the final season. Fans weren’t happy, especially since so many story lines were left open. Maybe due to that fan reaction, at least partly, Showtime ordered a movie to wrap up the series, and Ray Donovan: The Movie was released on DVD in May 2022. In Showtime’s words: “A showdown decades in the making brings the Donovan family legacy full circle. As the events that made Ray who he is today finally come to light, the Donovans find themselves drawn back to Boston to face the past. Each of them struggles to overcome their violent upbringing, but destiny dies hard, and only their fierce love for each other keeps them in the fight. Whether they stand together or they go down swinging, one thing is certain – Ray doesn’t do loose ends.”

The movie picks up almost right after season 7’s finale, so if you’ve never seen the show, don’t expect to watch the movie and know what’s going on. If you HAVE seen the series, you’ll want to jump in on this. (Although you might want to do what I do for books and go back and watch the previous season, or even just a few episodes, to remind yourself!) The quality of the DVD is great in terms of audio and video, although since this is more like a wrap-up of the series and not a “full series” DVD or anything, there are no extras. For fans of the series, though, I think you’ll find that’s okay. At least you’ll get *most* of the closure you were hoping for when the show ended in January 2020.

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