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If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/17/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

Last week something very exciting happened for loyal fans of CBS’s 2 Broke Girls: Candy Andy and Bobby came face-to-face! Whew. That was a lot of hotness in one screen! It was the press junket for Caroline’s movie, and Max and Caroline were invited, along with Andy, who was also featured in the movie. The movie itself got a bit of a change-up from Caroline’s real life. She did indeed lose her money, then meet Max. But she and Candy Andy fell in love instead of breaking up like in real life. The actress playing Caroline was Australian. The Han character was played by a 12-year-old girl. The Oleg character was…well, very Oleg-like. And instead of having a Sophie AND an Earl, they combined them to make it a full-figured black woman playing a Polish woman. Bizarre! LOL A now-divorced Andy told Caroline he missed her and wanted to get back together, but Bobby, who’d told Caroline earlier in the episode that he wasn’t jealous, burst in and hit Andy – well, hit the actor playing Andy – who was kissing Caroline – well, the actress playing Caroline. Turns out he really was jealous. Of course, both Caroline and Bobby were wistful when Andy later on mentioned that he was now rich after an accident at Six Flags. He had a helicopter and everything. And Max finally got to meet the actress who was playing her – a young woman who went very method when preparing for the roll. Maybe a little too method, since she asked Max, “How are you still alive??”

Tonight is the season finale. It hasn’t been renewed yet, and TV Line has it listed as “Could go either way.” So I’m not sure what’s going to happen. Will we get a satisfying conclusion in case this is the end of the series? Caroline and Bobby are happy. Oleg and Sophie are married with a baby. But Max needs to find love… I want her to get back together with Randy! Since he’s listed as being back for the finale, maybe that’ll happen? Guess we’ll have to watch to find out!

On tonight’s episode, “And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie,” as the big premiere of the film about Caroline’s life arrives, the girls and the diner gang prepare for their night on the red carpet. Also, Caroline and Max contemplate their future at the diner and the states of their love lives. Celebrity fashion stylist Brad Goreski guest stars as himself, who helps the girls choose dresses for the big premiere. Ed Quinn also guest stars as Randy.

See how the season (series?) ends tonight on CBS at 9:30/8:30c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Kevin Can Wait, Man With a Plan, Superior Donuts, APB, Help My Yelp, Scorpion, & Taken.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/17/16

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

angietribecasmallTonight, TBS kicks off a 25-hour commercial-free marathon of the first season of its new police procedural spoof, Angie Tribeca. LAPD detective Angie Tribeca (Rashida Jones, The Office, Parks and Recreation) has always been a bit of a lone wolf and has trouble keeping a partner. Her latest, number 237, is Jay Geils (Hayes MacArthur, Life as We Know It, Go On). Each episode of the series finds angry boss Lieutentant Chet Atkins (Jere Burns, Justified, Breaking Bad) assigning the cops to investigate some new bizarre case. Assisting Tribeca and GIles on their cases are Detective Danny Tanner (Deon Cole, black-ish) and his talking K-9 partner Hoffman, and medical examiner Dr. Monica Scholls (Andrée Vermeulen, Upright Citizen’s Brigade).

The overall tone of the series is very much like a Police Squad!/Naked Gun. There are lots of fun sight gags and word play, parodies, and totally ridiculous things happening both in the foreground as well as in the background, but the characters remain completely deadpan and serious in their delivery. I’ve watched the first 2 episodes, and I found myself laughing out loud several times. I can already see some of the running jokes that will likely show up in every episode. The humor can be hit or miss, but the jokes are done rapid-fire, so there are bound to be some that resonate. There are also some pretty great guest stars in the first 2 episodes – Alfred Molina, Lisa Kudrow, Gary Cole, Lauren Holly, and James Franco – and I can’t wait to see who pops up in the next 8!

Starting tonight, TBS will be airing the entire 10-episode first season five times in a row (though for some reason they seem to be skipping a few of the episodes in the third cycle). The pilot uses a fun running gag of Ford product placement to make up for the lack of ads, but I didn’t notice any similar product placement in the second episode. After the marathon, the episodes will re-air once a week at the show’s regular time on Monday nights.

Don’t miss the entire first season tonight on TBS starting at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching/recording Madam Secretary, The Good Wife, Galavant, Bob’s Burgers, The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bordertown, Mercy Street, Worst Cooks in America, Shameless, and Billions.

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