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If We Controlled Your Remote… 1/13/17

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Jenny’s Choice

Oh my gravy! Last week on Rosewood, the only important thing that happened (okay, not THE ONLY one, but still…) was that at the end, Rosie learned that Tawnya had played him. After getting close to him (close enough he was thinking of living together, maybe marriage in the not-too-distant future), she stole all his money (like…ALL his money, from his safe at home AND from his bank account!) and then she and her daughter left! Ack! What a beyotch! I didn’t like her, but that was mainly because she was coming between Rosewood & Villa. Now? Oh damn. I have to wonder where that story line will go. Will he work to find her? I gotta imagine he will – or at least Villa will!

As for the case itself… It was kind of a heartbreaking one. The precinct – specifically Homicide, where Villa, Rosewood, and Slade were at the time – got taken hostage, and while it was exciting, especially since there were school kids inside, the reason the guy did it was…sort of understandable and very sad. His brother, who we figured out quickly had some mental disorder (I think it was more than just autism or Asperger’s.), had been arrested and was in jail, but the hostage taker truly believed his brother was sick, since he wasn’t normally violent. Fortunately, Rosie pushed and finally was able to meet with the brother, and he did indeed have something medically wrong, which was causing the violent temper. The hostage taker and his girlfriend/accomplice and the other accomplice (who was just in it because the guy said he could get him into the evidence room) still had to go to jail, but at least his brother was going to get the help he needed.

On tonight’s episode, “Mummies & Meltdowns,” the team is thrown for a loop when the mummified body of a notorious music producer is found on a yacht. Meanwhile, Rosewood is forced to deal with a shocking revelation about Tawnya.

To see how Rosewood deals with the shock of his stolen money, tune in to FOX at 8/7c.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing Grimm, Last Man Standing, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, & Blue Bloods.
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Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 1/6/17

This week we have a double dose of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The first episode (titled: “Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?”) showed off Rebecca’s maternal side while also giving her two things she’s wanted for a while. The second episode (titled: “When Do I Get To Spend Time With Josh?”) brought a new man into her life, which caused a lot of strain on her relationships.


In the first episode, a huge bomb is dropped on Paula. Scott admits he slept with Tonya (the girl from work who obviously has a huge crush on him). Paula kicks him out and then becomes stressed about the decision because she’s now basically a single mother. At work, Rebecca thinks Paula is upset about their continuing feud, but the normally silent Mrs. Hernandez gives Rebecca a major dose of the truth.

Rebecca shows up at Paula’s house and apologizes for real and offers to watch her youngest son, Tommy, while Paula goes on a school field trip. Paula tries to talk Rebecca out of it (knowing she’s in for a rude awakening), but Rebecca insists. Rebecca jumps into a song called “So Maternal,” in which she performs an “Uptown Funk”-esque number about how even though she has no experience as a mom, she is as maternal as they come. When the song ends and we get back to the real world with Paula’s house a mess and Rebecca exhausted, we realize she bit off more than she could chew.

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Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 12/9/16

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?”) showed the lengths Rebecca and Valencia would go to get what they wanted.


Josh & Anna
Josh and Anna have been dating for a few weeks, and it seems all is going well. When they go to a hipster coffee joint, we learn that Josh is falling hard for Anna while she’s still debating her feelings for him. She appears to be perfect in every way.

Rebecca & Valencia
Rebecca, Valencia, and Heather are hanging out at their place with all eyes glued to their computer screens. Rebecca and Valencia pretend they aren’t cyber-stalking Josh, but when they see him kissing Anna in an Instagram photo, they both have similar strong reactions. Heather warns the girls that “curiosity killed the cat,” and they completely ignore her warning and decide to take their stalking to the streets after a song called “Research Me Obsessively,” sung by Brittany Snow AKA Anna.

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Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 12/2/16

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?”) was about forcing relationships between lovers and friends.


crazyexgirlfriendrecap123smallIn this week’s episode, we see a familiar face. Trent, Rebecca’s fake ex-boyfriend, has a plan to infiltrate Josh’s friend group so that he can get closer to Rebecca. And since Josh and his friends can’t get into the bar due to the extravagant cover charge, Trent decides to pay for a table (and everything else for the guys) to make a good impression. And even though Josh, White Josh, and Hector like that everything is free, they decide that Trent is too strange and leave him at the bar, alone. With a little help from a new acquaintance, Trent decides to go straight to Rebecca and profess his love for her.

A side note about Josh… He’s been on three dates with Anna and texts her constantly, much to the annoyance of his friends.

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Recap/Review – Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – 11/18/16

This week’s episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (titled: “Why is Josh’s Ex-Girlfriend Eating Carbs?”) revolved around Rebecca wanting to have a friendship with Valencia when seeing how her life has changed after Josh.


crazyexgirlfriendrecap1119smallRebecca and Heather are together once again at the top of the episode. Rebecca talks about Josh, and we realize that Heather has created a way to make a quick buck: every time Rebecca mentions Josh, she has to give her money. Rebecca tries to talk to Paula about Josh, but she’s busy with law school. Darryl and White Josh are at the firm when they discuss an event called Electric Mesa, where people come to “connect, refresh, heal.” Rebecca gets the idea to become friends with Valencia by going to this event, since they are both obviously still heartbroken.

Initially, Valencia turns Rebecca down, but then Rebecca tricks her by offering Dairy Queen. It doesn’t look like Rebecca’s plan is going to work until they both accidently take a drug called triceratops. They both experience very different hallucinations. Valencia’s is in a beautiful ballet with Josh that is emotional and heartbreaking, while Rebecca’s ballet has her dressed up as a triceratops while she attacks Josh.

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