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The Casino On The Small Screen – The Most Memorable Gambling Scenes in Television

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Over the years, the casino and gambling in general have featured in a wide array of television series, appearing in various titles, from cult classics such as Friends to animated fan favourite The Simpsons. This is partly because the world of gambling is extremely easy to incorporate into most scenarios and the fact that the pastime is often both peculiar and exhilarating in equal measure means that it translates to the small screen incredibly well. With that being said, there are dozens of examples of TV series dedicating entire episodes to gambling and the casino. Below are eight of our favourite scenes which serve to illustrate the added value that gambling has when incorporated properly.

The Simpsons

It’s possible that The Simpsons has referenced gambling and the casino more than any other animated show, which would make sense, as it’s the longest running series of its kind. From the very first episode, where Homer rescues Santa’s Little Helper from the greyhound track to Homer and Ned being tricked into getting married in Las Vegas, there have been a number of classic moments relating to the casino, but the episode that perfectly encapsulates everything good, bad, or indifferent about gambling is Season 5 Episode 10. The aptly named “How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Legalise Gambling” is intended to be a satirical look at Las Vegas, focusing on the panic which sweeps Springfield when plans for a casino to be built within the town are approved.

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Desperate Housewives Would Be a Huge Hit if Revived

Source: Desperate Housewives via Twitter

Desperate Housewives is one of the best-loved and most successful American comedy-drama series of the 21st century. It ran for eight seasons from 2004 to 2012 and is still on reruns in several countries around the world. The comedy-drama and mystery series followed the lives of a group of married women and their daily successes, trials, and tribulations as seen through the eyes of their late friend and neighbour – thus the name Desperate Housewives.

The show had some well-known and talented cast, including Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross, and one of them recently admitted that they would love to see the revival of the series. Eva Longoria, who played the role of Gabrielle Solis in Desperate Housewives, has been quoted by E!News as saying that she misses everything about the show and is very open to it being revived. The 42-year-old American actress did admit that it is unlikely that there will be a Season 9 of Desperate Housewives on the television screens, but fans of the show must now be more optimistic than ever about the revival of the series.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/13/12

Wow… The last few days have been absolutely cray-cray for renewals! Maybe it’s just me, but a lot more shows seem to have been renewed this year than I can remember in previous years. A handful had already been canceled, and there were obviously already some (Chuck, House, Desperate Housewives etc) that were ending this season completely. We’re waiting to hear about a dozen shows, give or take a few, and aside from a couple of cancellations, there haven’t been huge disappointments. I know fans of GCB, The Secret Circle, & Missing especially were shocked and disappointed, but there was tons of great news, as well, such as a full 22-episode renewal order for Happy Endings and renewals (even with shortened seasons) of most of the NBC Thursday comedies. To keep updated easily on what has and hasn’t been renewed, check out TVLine’s Renewal Scorecard. Now… On to what we think you should be watching at the start of this BUSY week of finales! (Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms and mom stand-ins out there!)

Jenny’s Choice

Like I mentioned the other day, I’m a fiend for cooking competition shows on Food Network especially, and one of the biggest and most fun is Food Network Star, which premieres tonight. Normally, the competitors are split into teams but there are no coaches. This year, the show is switching things up a LOT. Not only will the group be split into three teams, but each team will have a “coach.” In the past, Bobby Flay & Giada De Laurentiis have been judges on the show, but this season, they have been joined by Alton Brown, and the three of them will each be coaching a team to success on camera and in the kitchen. I think it will be a VERY interesting change-up to the show and should make for some fun times.

I’m not sure who I want to win – which competitor or which judge. lol I do recognize at least one of the contestants. Michele Ragussis was a competitor on Chopped and competed on 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, which she and her teammate won. I think she’ll be a fierce competitor for Bobby Flay. I guess we’ll see if her being somewhat known on Food Network already gives her an advantage or a disadvantage among the other competitors. You can tweet along with the show and show your support for your favorite judge & team with the hashtags: #Star (for the show), and for the judges, #TeamAlton, #TeamBobby, or #TeamGiada.

On tonight’s 2-hour premiere, “Impossible Beginnings,” mentors Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Giada De Laurentiis welcome 15 new hopefuls to join their teams. Chef Robert Irvine challenges the finalists to creat pop-up restaurants with a small budget and a limited amount of time.

Don’t miss the excitement tonight on Food Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Food Network Star @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’m also going to be watching the Desperate Housewives finale, the series premiere of Invention Hunters, & the champions competition on Cupcake Wars.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/18/12

Did everyone have a good St. Patrick’s Day? Mine was ok. We got caught up a lot on TV on Friday & Saturday night, so I’m prepared for all the great new episodes this week. Speaking of new episodes, let’s see what we think you should be watching tonight.

Jenny’s Choice

Last week’s episode of Breakout Kings was great for a lot of reasons. The team was just back to work after Charlie’s murder, and each was grieving in their own way. Ray talked with Erica and said that with Charlie gone, he needed her to step up and be a leader (going so far as to give her a gun in the middle of the case when it could be life or death—which it kind of ended up being). When no one would talk to the psychiatrist provided by the Marshalls, Ray tried to get everyone to talk to Lloyd. That didn’t work out so well, either. Eventually, they were all able to at least voice some of what they were feeling, and they all shared a shot (that Erica borrowed from the guy downstairs that we saw in the season premiere). Ray moved out of the halfway house, but at the “office,” he refused to move into Charlie’s office. Julianne took it upon herself to move him in while the team was away for the case, and she and the team let him know he needed to step up and be the leader Charlie knew he could be and that they knew he could be—that he needed to believe in himself as much as everyone else did.

As for the case… It was interesting because one of the two escapees was an undercover Fed, and although Shea thought for sure he had turned dirty. He was wrong…which we learned when Lloyd and Erica visited the guy’s home, only to find his wife and son kidnapped and the guy’s safe word for extraction written on the bathroom door in lipstick as a signal that she was in trouble. I have to say my favorite part of the episode was Lloyd distracting the kidnappers and then he and Erica working together to take them down and rescue the wife & son. My second favorite part was Lloyd getting tazed. Fantastic. I’m looking forward to seeing how the team continues to function with Charlie gone and Ray getting his footing as a Marshall with a badge and being the guy in charge.

On tonight’s episode, “Double Down,” Travis Muncey, actor and stool pigeon, escapes from prison. The Breakout Kings quickly find and snatch him back, only to discover that Travis is the key to capturing an even bigger fish. Things get serious when one of the team is kidnapped, and no holds are barred to make the team whole again.

Check it out tonight on A&E at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Breakout Kings @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’m also going to be watching Cupcake Wars, Worst Cooks in America, Coming Home, CSI: Miami, & the series premiere of Unchained Reaction (hosted by Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters).
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 5/15/11

It’s the start of a new week, and it’s a VERY big week indeed! There are tons of great finales, as well as some other great new episodes. We’re going to do our best to highlight what we think you should be watching. If we don’t choose what you would watch, comment below and let us know what you think we should have chosen! Megan is relaxing on vacation, so Jamie is back again this week, as is Jose from Daemonstv.com, so be sure and welcome them back!

Jenny’s Choice #1

My top pick is the season finale and reunion show for Survivor on CBS. I wouldn’t normally recommend this, because there’s always so much else on I think you should watch, but honestly, this season was so much better than last season that I’m actually finishing the season (unlike last time, where I stopped watching only a couple of episodes in!). I love Russell, but he was voted off a good number of weeks back. My other favorite, and possibly now my favorite player even above Russell, is Boston Rob. He is as good a player as Russell, without being as much of an ass about it. lol In addition to Rob, though, we have the craziness that is Phillip (and in Rob’s words, not the N-word crazy, but just crazy crazy lol). Although now? Scott & I are wondering if Phillip is as crazy as he is making himself seem. He’s made one or two comments to the camera and to his sister when she was on the island that makes us think…maybe not. I guess we’ll see!

On tonight’s episode, the last chance for immunity is a fight to the finish with an unlikely pairing of castaways, and the final three plead their case to the jury-find out who will outplay, outwit and outlast the others.

Watch the backstabbing and deal making play out on the 2-hour season finale on CBS at 8/7c, followed by the 1-hour reunion show to find out who wins the big prize at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of Survivor @ Clicker.

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