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Doctor’s Orders: The Verdict on the Female Doctor

When it was first revealed that the Doctor who would supersede Peter Capaldi would be a woman, it didn’t take long for a Twitter storm amongst misogynists to brew.

Which mainly told us that people fear change. Doctor Who is pretty much a British institution. We’ve had 12 male Doctors, so it’s only natural that some narrow-viewed people thought the boat shouldn’t be rocked and the role should be gender specific. My favourite comment so far which I’ve stumbled across on social media comments sections is “I accept that she’s female, but does she also have to be Northern?”. Of course, there were a lot of crasser things being stated. But it taught me a lot about inclusivity and diversity in the media. Which should come as no surprise, given that viewers have been conditioned to like an archetypal casting and role.

Casting Jodie Whittaker was definitely a gamble for the showrunners. They would have had better odds if they played Cleopatra and enjoyed a few spins over at Egypt Slots.

Was Jodie Whittaker the Woman for the Job?

Now that we’ve seen three episodes from Jodie Whittaker, now we can finally make a verdict on her suitability to the role. A lot of people make the mistake of judging a new Doctor on their first episodes, yet first episodes after regeneration never really tells us much about what kind of Doctor we’re dealing with.

Whilst more people favoured Matt Smith or David Tennant to Peter Capaldi, he was still a hard act to follow. His intensely aggressive monologues captivated us, and we saw how he dealt with his grief and his anger in a better way than we’ve seen with the former Doctors. So, of course everyone would have had to get used to the change between the actors and the temperament of the Doctor. It’s no secret that the screenwriters like to mix it up between the Doctors, and could any actor or actress match the potent angst of Capaldi?

After the first episode aired, I waited for the fallout from angry fans affirming their beliefs that a woman was never fit for the role, yet there was nothing but admiration for her stellar acting and unique approach to the role. Sure, she was a little ditzy and “blonde,” but that can be forgiven – she had just regenerated. But there was so much to love about her, including the fact that she got her first outfit from a charity shop and her ability to stand up to a monster with a face made of teeth despite not even knowing herself. From the start she was authoritative, not overly cocksure with herself, and in short, pretty God damn fabulous.

Whilst Jodie Whittaker may be the perfect for the role, the casting and the writing for the companions is still rather questionable. Firstly, we all know that the Doctor works better with one companion. From the first episode we were overloaded with the four companions. Even though by the end there was only three, there was little opportunity to truly get to know each of their characters. It was even more difficult considering the fact that all they did was run around proclaiming variations of “oh my God” and “We’re going to die.” Yet, after the third episode “Rosa,” the chemistry between the characters seems to be coming together seamlessly and the rest of the season holds a hell of a lot of promise. The third episode was the first opportunity in this series to see the real humanity within the Doctor. There was no over-the-top melodramatics and a hell of a lot more gravitas.

Whether it’s relevant that the fact we have a female Doctor and the episodes seem to be becoming more poignant and relevant to issues faced in 2018, that’s a matter of opinion. Yet, it’s undeniable all the same. In the first episode they didn’t set out to save a whole race of people as they usually do. They set out to save one (rather annoying) character with whom we had a brief encounter at the start of the episode. Which portrayed the message that each life is important. Which was further reinforced as you saw him practicing self-care telling himself that “he’s special.”

The second episode was a little hit and miss, yet the third episode truly pulled the emotive punches. A lot rested on the third episode, as they met Rosa Parks back in 1955 and were faced with the responsibility of ensuring that history went according to plan. There was no threat from grotesque monsters. Just a racist time-travelling agent who wanted to disrupt history to make sure that equality was never a possibility. There was so much emphasis on the fact that little moments in history can change the world. It was clear that the Doctor along with her companions was highly affected by what they stood to lose if history went off course.

The Feminine Touch

Now, if you can imagine Christopher Ecclestone, David Tennant, Matt Smith, or Peter Capaldi dealing with the weight of that situation? The 13th Doctor has a hell of a lot more empathy than those who took the previous roles, so the future episodes hold a hell of a lot of promise for the series. Younger fans may not have got the excitement of exploding spaceships, chase scenes, and the threat of iconic monsters such as the Daleks. But more mature audiences didn’t fail to let the stark message behind Rosa resonate. Especially the scene where the racist police officer came in search of Ryan and Yaz because they had been “upsetting people in the town.” It happened in 1955, and it’s still happening today in 2018.

In episode four, they’ll be tackling arachnid enemies in modern day Britain, so, it will be interesting how they intend to carry on the emotive structure of the episodes we’ve seen so far. Yet, with that said, episode three was still worlds apart from episodes one and two. The trailer for episode four is now on YouTube.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 10/7/18

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

This afternoon at 1:45pm ET, BBC America joins other stations around the globe to air a world-wide simulcast of the series 11 premiere of Doctor Who. The new season is a complete reboot for the series, with all new characters, companions, aliens, villains, adventures, and likely TARDIS, plus a whole new team both in front of and behind the cameras. Taking over as showrunner is Chris Chibnall (Broadchurch), and cast as the first female Doctor is Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch). With each new regeneration, the Doctor gains a new personality and new quirks, so it will be interesting to see what the Thirteenth Doctor will be like. She will also be joined by a new set of companions (though that term will no longer be used in the series) – Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh, Law & Order: UK), Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole, Hollyoaks), and Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill, The Good Karma Hospital).

I’m curious to check out this latest season, especially since I was one of those who was very much against casting a female Doctor. I hope Jodie proves me wrong and that I find a new favorite doctor in Thirteen – David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor is still my favorite. Over the past few years, I found the series to be in a bit of a decline, despite having some great episodes with each Doctor. I’m hoping some new blood behind the camera can help to revitalize this iconic series, though I’m a bit disappointed that the showrunner has decided to make a complete break from the past, treating this latest season like the start of a completely new series. I’m also curious to meet the new companions. I think the show works quite well with several companions instead of just one – Amy and Rory were my favorite pair since Doctor Who returned to the air, and I’m hoping we get a fun dynamic between the Doctor and this new trio.

On today’s premiere, “The Woman Who Fell to Earth,” a mysterious woman who can’t even remember her own name falls from the sky.

Before today’s world-wide premiere, BBC America will be airing an Ultimate Watch Party pre-show at 1:15pm ET, which will also continue after the episode. Tonight’s special encore of the premiere at 8pm ET/PT (the show’s regular timeslot) will include bonus interviews with Jodie Whittaker and footage from New York Comic Con. At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, I attended the press conference for the series. You can find my video from the event at NoReruns.net.

Don’t miss the latest season premiere today at 1:45/12:45c.

I’ll also be watching/recording God Friended Me, The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy, The Walking Dead, Star Wars Resistance, and Kidding.
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Who’s Who? The World That Is Doctor Who

doctorwho1211asmallThis Christmas, the world holds its breath to see just how master writer Steven Moffat intends to get around the tricky issue of regeneration, get rid of Matt Smith, and introduce the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi of The Thick Of It fame.
The Trilogy

The Christmas episode, which will be named “The Time Of The Doctor,” will be the final part of a loose trilogy, kicked off by “The Name Of The Doctor,” which was the final episode of the last season, and the 50th Anniversary “The Day Of The Doctor,” which was viewed by an average of 10.2 million viewers. It will also be the 800th individual episode of Dr Who, a franchise so popular that fans play Dr Who daily games, create elaborate costumes, and wait hours for the chance to meet its stars. And you can get more details of the Doctor Who Extravaganza here.


The Facts

So what do we know about Christmas episode? A promotional photo has been released showing Matt Smith’s Doctor holding the head of a Cyberman, backed by Jenna Coleman in a party hat and Christmas cracker and with three members of The Silence hovering in the misty background. Trailers for the show have revealed that Cybermen and The Silence will be joined by the Daleks and the utterly terrifying Weeping Angels, who have haunted both David Tennant’s and Matt Smith’s characters. We know that the villains will be meeting on Trenzalore, the planet that the Doctor has always known would be the place of his death.

The Regeneration Problem

A real issue for the end of this storyline is in the regeneration. It’s been an established fact of the franchise for a long time that the Doctor has a limited of twelve regenerations, meaning that he would die after his thirteen incarnation. Although most fans thought that Matt Smith counted as the eleventh, it appears that David Tennant’s extra regeneration to save his life added to the number, and bringing John Hurt in as The War Doctor in the 50th Anniversary special pushed Matt Smith up to number thirteen. But we already know that Peter Capaldi will be taking on the role next year, so the question is how to solve the regeneration problem. However they do it, it is anticipated to be one of the most thrilling moments in the show’s entire history.

The movie-length 50th Anniversary episode only helped to whet the appetites of fans, who eagerly await the coming of the Christmas episode, which is promised to tie up a lot of questions that Matt Smith’s incarnation has raised. Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara, has commented about the show that it was “brutal” and “traumatic” to film, and by the end of the episode…Silence will fall.

The Christmas episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC America on December 25 at 9/8c. The premiere date of the new season has yet to be announced.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/22/13

I have had one of those weeks where my hormones make me an insane woman. I don’t care what other women say… It’s true that sometimes, our hormones make us worthy of flying a broomstick. After some chocolate, TV, and downtime, I am back to my usual semi-sweet self. Now I’m looking forward to a busy weekend of Santa Claus parades and working on Christmas presents for extended family with the kids. Although before my weekend can truly begin, we need to see what amazing television is on tonight, so let’s take a look.

Megan’s Choice

hawaiifiveo1122smallAt first, I was worried that moving to Fridays was going to hurt Hawaii Five-0, but in fact, I love it! I’m enjoying being able to watch my TV boyfriend, Alex O’Loughlin first, and then my favorite crime family at 10pm with Blue Bloods. Honestly, it’s been a great addition to my TV week. Speaking of great additions… How incredible has it been to have Catherine on the team full-time now? I think it was a genius move for the writers and it’s a help with Kono being in and out of the scene. Kono learned last episode that Adam faked his death, so she is off to find him because she simply cannot live without him. I’m not sure that’s going to be a good idea, but it will make for good TV. Last week, we also saw McGarrett work with Grover when the Governor sent them to serve a warrant to a young hacker named Ian. All hell broke loose, and the two men were forced to become allies in order to save the day. In the end, the two walked away with more respect for each other and a mutual enemy on the loose…giving us a new story line to follow. I’m intrigued. Are you?

On tonight’s episode, “Hau’oli La Ho’omaika’i,” a secret service agent is murdered while the president is traveling to Oahu; as Thanksgiving approaches, McGarrett’s Aunt Deb (Carol Burnett) visits and shares a stunning secret.

To see what secret Aunt Deb has, tune in to CBS at 9/8c.

I’ll also be watching Bones, Blue Bloods, Haven, and Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 11/18/13

What beautiful weather we’ve had the last couple of days. I’m savoring them because we’re past the heat of summer and fall, but we aren’t to the point where we had to turn the heater on yet. (Almost, but not quite… LOL When it got down to 18 at night, the space heater sufficed. 😉 ) But the last two days, we’ve had the windows open in the living room and kitchen, and the breeze that goes through is cool, but not so cold that I’m uncomfortable. Love it. I also love TV tonight. We don’t have Bones, but we do have Almost Human to make up for it. So grab your remotes, because here are our recommendations! 🙂

Jenny’s Choice #1

almosthuman1118smallHow great was the Almost Human premiere last night? I loved it just as much the second time as I did the first. The futuristic look is a lot of fun—all the technology, I mean—and I love the chemistry the cast has. We first met John in the middle of a forced flashback, where he’s gone to a doctor (well, former doctor) to try to recover memories from a year and a half before, when his partner was killed and his leg was blown off. That same explosion put him in a coma for seventeen months. Through one of his forced flashbacks, we saw his ex-girlfriend…as one of the bad guys. Is that truly a memory, or is it his mind playing tricks on him? I guess we’ll find out.

On tonight’s episode, “Skin,” Detective John Kennex and Dorian are dispatched to investigate a murder and high-profile missing persons case that lead them into the highly profitable world of IRCs—Intimate Robot Companions—also known as sexbots. Meanwhile, Kennex looks to reconcile a part of his troubled past.

See what Kennex has to face about his past tonight on FOX at 8/7c.
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