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Time for Self-Pimpage

christmasmagicsmallThat sounds dirtier than it is… Really. *laugh*

I published my first book in December, and I wanted to let you guys know, since you’ve been such a huge support for me and this site.

Christmas Magic is a novella, meaning it’s very short (just about 9500 words). It was intended to simply be a sweet, quick-read Christmas story.

“Luke Taylor looks like an ordinary man, but when his father retires, his life changes forever. One day a year, he becomes the world’s greatest gift-giver: Santa Claus. Christmas magic swirls through the air in Santa’s village at the North Pole. It changes Luke into Santa, men into reindeer, and allows Santa to find his Mrs.

Sadie Green is an elf who works in the dollhouse workshop. Christmas magic is at work when Luke bumps into Sadie one cold night just before Christmas, and these two soon realize they are soul mates.

Whether it’s the Northern Lights, elves and Santas who barely age, or the ability to live in negative-forty degree temperatures, Christmas magic works in amazing and mysterious ways.”

If you’d like to check it out, you can buy it on Amazon.

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