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If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/11/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

Overnight last night, the first season of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral came to a close with the final wedding. On last week’s penultimate episode, Maya and Kash woke up in bed with each other, professing their love. Maya planned to finally tell Ainsley about them, but the situation never seemed to be right. Ainsley was trying to make things right with Bryce, setting up a romantic date in his garden, but when Bryce arrived home along with an “age-appropriate” women, she quickly took off. Ainsley tried going on other dates, but the men were horrible. However, while she was on a particularly awkward first date with a snobby banker, Bryce showed up to rescue her. This time he did the talking, professing his love and letting her know the woman she saw him with was his sister. The two kissed and made up. (Maybe now Maya can tell her?)

Meanwhile, Maya got a call about an interview for her dream job in New York City. The interview went really well, and she was offered the position, thanks in part to a recommendation from her boss, Andrew. Maya asked Kash to move with her to New York. He was all ready to say yes, until he told his brother, who yelled at him and called him selfish. His father overheard Kash talking to Maya about trying a long-distance relationship and encouraged his son to go and be happy and not to worry about him and his brother. So Kash headed off to the theater with Maya to celebrate.

Elsewhere, Craig and Zara were at the doctor’s office getting a sonogram, and Zara could see that her husband was unhappy. He wanted his first daughter, Molly, to be a part of his life as well, but he had already signed away his rights to see her. So Zara secretly went to speak with Julie, who agreed to let Craig come see his daughter play soccer as long as he stayed in the background and didn’t talk to her. Craig was like the excited, overly proud father and eventually Julie removed her gag order, allowing Craig to meet Molly, though introducing him simply as a friend from church.

Meanwhile, it turned out that Andrew was going to be the swing vote to pass the anti-immigration bill. So his original plan to vote with his party was now in question. He proposed to Tony as a way to show him that everything would still be OK if the bill passed – that he would be legal. Tony rejected the proposal, noting that Andrew couldn’t marry all of the immigrants in London to keep them there. However, Andrew ultimately decided to vote with his conscience and voted down the bill, much to the disappointment of his party.

In other news, Gemma was starting to fall for Duffy. He was a good tutor for her son and even fixed things around the house like her husband used to. When she found out he was going on a date, she got a bit jealous and fired him. Later, she joined Duffy to chaperone a school trip to the theater, where the two realized they had feelings for one another and kissed. However, they happened to be near the theater where Kash and Maya were celebrating their future, and Gemma saw them kissing.

Craig, Duffy, and Gemma all received a text from Ainsley demanding they come over immediately because they needed to talk about Maya. When everyone arrived, they assumed Ainsley had found out about Maya’s relationship with Kash. However, what they would soon discover is that Andrew had stopped by earlier looking for Maya’s advice about the vote and mentioned that she had quit and taken the job in New York City. It quickly became clear to Ainsley that everyone else knew a secret about Maya, and Gemma finally spilled the beans. When Maya arrived, Ainsley went off on her about her betrayal. When Maya tried to explain that Kash was the guy she had met at the airport years earlier, that just sent Ainsley into a rage – that she had been keeping this relationship a secret for years. Ainsley demanded that Maya get all her stuff and leave immediately and that she never wanted to see her again. Maya took a cab to Kash’s place and told him she couldn’t see him anymore and then drove off crying.

And so the main couple is once again broken up, but we still have one more wedding to go. It seems odd for Maya to break up with Kash now that Ainsley already knows – isn’t it already too late to change Ainsley’s opinion of her? It seems unlikely that this is how Kash’s and Maya’s story will end. I mean, how could these two not end up together?! That said, last week’s episode did set up several other candidates for the show’s final wedding – Ainsley and Bryce, Andrew and Tony, and my personal favorite, Duffy and Gemma – those two are hilarious together! While I want to like Ainsley, I find her behavior incredibly selfish, as she makes her “friends” walk on eggshells around her. She has already moved on and found love with Bryce, so why can’t she just be happy that Maya has found someone, even if it is her ex?! It looks like we will jump ahead a year for the finale, and I hope in that time things have calmed down and relationships have bloomed. I look forward to seeing how it all comes to an end in this week’s finale, and I really hope it’s a happy ending for everyone. Isn’t that how a good romcom is supposed to end?!

In this week’s finale, “New Jersey,” a year after Maya and Ainsley’s blowup, the fractured friend group hopes that a wedding may be the perfect occasion for a reunion.

See how it all ends now on Hulu.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, and Hypnotize Me.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 9/4/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, after the play premiere, Maya and Kash spent the entire night just walking and talking with one another. Maya was still paranoid about Ainsley finding out about them and was concerned that she would ruin her friendship with Ainsley for a relationship with Kash that might not even work out in six months. So they agreed to get to know one another better without any romance involved. Their quest to find a non-public, non-romantic place to talk led them to Basheer’s apartment, but when they got there, the house was covered in flowers and candles, and Basheer was proposing to Fatima!

So, over the next few weeks as Maya and Kash continued with their non-dating. Kash also continued to pursue his acting career, but his auditions were starting to have an effect on his performance at his real job. And so when he landed a role in a commercial, his boss at Goldman Sachs fired him, a secret he decided to keep from his father. Kash invited Maya to be his plus one for Basheer’s wedding, but she wasn’t ready to make this next step of officially dating him, so she broke things off. And to make matters worse, at the wedding, Kash’s father discovered the truth about his son’s lack of employment.

Meanwhile, Zara was trying to hold on to her 15 minutes of fame and hired publicist Nigel to help her build a brand. Zara set up a game night with her friends as a photo op for social media, but it didn’t really go as planned. This was the same night as the wedding Maya was skipping. Ainsley saw that Maya was upset about something and assumed it had to do with the mystery guy she had spent all night out with. Earlier in the week, Ainsley had seen Maya having a verbal spar with her coworker Marcus and assumed it was one of those love/hate type of relationships you see in the movies. So when Craig told her about the Dear John letter that Duffy had found in his pocket, she and Craig put two-and-two together and thought Maya was in love with Marcus. So Ainsley invited Marcus to game night in hopes of making a love connection for Maya, but Marcus assumed Ainsley was interested in him.

Duffy and Gemma were also up to some matchmaking of their own, inviting Bryce to game night, knowing that despite her denial, Ainsley was in love with him. And to add to the confusion, Andrew also turned up in hopes of reconciling with Tony, who had broken up with him after Andrew announced his support for an anti-immigration bill that he was unaware would affect Tony and his undocumented family members. Once Marcus saw his boss arrive at the party, his time was then split between wooing Ainsley and doing some obvious kissing up to Andrew.

As part of her efforts to establish a brand, Zara had created a new board game called No Secrets, in which the party guests were paired up and asked questions to see how much they knew about their partners. It was like a bedroom farce, with the guests constantly misunderstanding why they were at the party and who was actually in love with whom. Eventually Andrew told a story about his first heartbreak and how he lost the love of his life because he wasn’t willing to risk everything for love. With tears in his eyes, he then abruptly left the party. This got Maya, Tony, and Ainsley thinking about their own situations. Maya ran out of the apartment and headed to the wedding to be with Kash. Tony went to Andrew’s house to tell him the reason why he broke up with him and hopefully get back together. And Gemma and Duffy convinced Ainsley to tell Bryce how she really felt about him. Ainsley headed to Bryce’s home, but things didn’t go well – he opened the door just long enough to tell Ainsley her speech sounded more like a concession and then slammed the door in her face.

Meanwhile, back at the dwindling party, Marcus was told the real reason he had been invited – that Maya had feelings for him. He obviously didn’t feel the same way, and since she had already left, he called Maya to let her down gently, but on the phone call he could hear that she was at a wedding with another guy. So he confronted Craig about the whole situation, and Craig finally put two and two together, realizing that Maya was at Basheer’s wedding with Kash and that he was the guy from the note that she was in love with. Just as he was about to tell Zara this shocking realization, she had a shocking announcement of her own….that she was pregnant. Craig was going to get a chance to be a father again!

I loved the farcical nature of last week’s episode with the game night adventures full of love triangles and misunderstandings and the constant arrivals by “uninvited” guests who threw wrenches into Zara’s plans. We’ve got just two episodes and one wedding left. There’s no way this final wedding isn’t Maya and Kash’s, right? Will Ainsley finally discover the truth about Kash and Maya, and how will she take this betrayal? Both Duffy and Craig know the truth now – will one of them spill the beans, or will Maya do it herself? Ainsley might have taken the news better if she was in her own new relationship, but things don’t look good now that she’s been rejected by Bryce.

It’s a shame that we only have one wedding left, because I also really like the idea of Duffy and Gemma together. They certainly proved they knew one another well during the No Secrets game. And speaking of that, Bryce also showed good knowledge of Ainsley and that he had been paying attention to her stories. Is there really no chance for these two? It’s 100% Ainsley’s fault with that horrible speech, making him feel like a consolation prize! I hope she realizes what she has and can turn things around so that the rest of the group doesn’t feel like they have to walk on eggshells around her. I am really enjoying this show and am sad that there’s only two episodes left. I can’t wait to see how it comes to a close in the final two episodes.

On this week’s episode, “Four Friends and a Secret,” Maya struggles to tell Ainsley about Kash. Fearing their relationship may be getting too friendly, Gemma fires Duffy. Zara finds a way for Craig to reconnect with his daughter. Andrew has a surprising change of heart.

Check it out now on Hulu.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, Hypnotize Me, and Younger.
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If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/28/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, we saw the fallout of Duffy and Maya’s breakup. Duffy took it really hard, becoming completely unhinged, showing up to work disheveled and with a hangover and giving his students useless pop culture quizzes. The headmaster assigned Tabby (the teacher that Duffy left to be with Maya) to monitor his classes, which was a bit awkward for both of them. Gemma gave Duffy a tough love speech and told him to get his stuff together and move on. This was the kick in the pants he needed, and he finally cleaned himself up and started dressing more like an adult. Afterwards, Duffy suggested to Tabby that since they were both single, they could try again, but she revealed that she was already seeing another writer and then was picked up in a car with a license plate that implied that she was dating Nicholas Sparks.

Meanwhile, Maya joined Ainsley and her assistant Tony 2 for a night out at a gay bar, where she ran into her boss, Andrew Aldridge. Andrew had been on a date with Tony a while back that he had completely forgotten about, even though the two had made a connection. Tony was upset to see Andrew and accused him of being old and out of touch with the community, saying that people refer to him as LGBT-Rex. The next day, Marcus and Maya were looking into a charity project that Andrew could take on in order to improve his image, and Marcus suggested revamping the struggling community theater. Marcus had seen Maya endlessly watching clips of The Sound of Music practices and Kickstarter fundraiser that Kash had sent to her, and so this was fresh on his mind. However, Maya was still trying to distance herself from Kash for Ainsley’s sake and didn’t like the idea of working so closely with him on a renovation project. But once Andrew found out that Maya had a connection to the theater project, he was sold on the idea and even put her in charge of the day-to-day work.

As Kash prepared for his big return to the stage, best friend Basheer was still feeling guilty for “stealing” Fatima from him. Despite Kash’s many attempts to assure him that everything was fine, Basheer still kept apologizing. So as a way for his friend to prove he was sorry, Kash asked Basheer to help revamp the theater’s sound and lighting system. Now that things were forgiven, Basheer asked Kash to step in as his chaperone for a date with Fatima, which led to a hilariously awkward situation as Nani felt the need to constantly tell Kash how Basheer made a much better mate for her granddaughter. But things weren’t all bad for Kash. Over the course of fixing up the theater, he and Maya had once again become quite close and even kissed. However, it looks like things may soon hit the fan, as Tony 2 (who had reconciled with Andrew) attended the opening night performance and could definitely sense there was something between Kash and Maya… There’s no doubt he’s going to go back and report this to Ainsley.

And speaking of Ainsley, she had finished up Bryce’s room and was ready to say goodbye. However, Bryce wasn’t ready to let her go and asked Ainsley to help redesign his garden. The two went on a sightseeing trip, where Bryce made his move, kissing Ainsley. She was taken by surprise and said that she wanted to keep their relationship professional since she was already seeing someone, to which Bryce admitted that he only asked her to work on the garden in order to be close to her. Later that evening, Ainsley received a “You Up” text from Garrett, to which she responded that it was time for them to break up. Garrett seemed unphased, accidentally sending another “You Up” message to Aisnley’s phone that was meant for the next girl on his list.

Ainsley had been upset that Maya had to keep canceling their plans together due to working late at the theater. However, she was unaware that Kash was involved in this situation. How is she going to react when she likely hears the news from her assistant? Will Kash and Maya finally make a go for it, or is the ever-looming wrath of Ainsley going to prevent Maya from pursuing this relationship she so obviously wants? We’ve got just three episodes and two weddings to go. Who will be the final two couples tying the knot? I’m still convinced/not giving up hope that our final wedding will be Maya/Kash, but who will get married before them? Will Ainsley patch things up with Bryce and give that relationship a go? Will a romantic relationship form between Duffy and Gemma? I’d really enjoy seeing a Basheer/Fatima wedding, as we’d get a glimpse into another culture’s wedding ceremony, but it would be tough to work in a way story-wise for all of our main American characters to be in attendance.

On this week’s episode, “Game Night,” Maya and Kash get to know each other behind Ainsley’s back. Tony 2 realizes he and Andrew come from very different worlds. Ainsley and Craig play matchmaker, as do Gemma and Duffy.

Check it out now on Hulu.

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, Hypnotize Me, South Side, and Younger.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/21/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

On last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral, we finally got our second wedding. Craig announced to everyone at a surprise engagement party that Zara had returned and that the two of them were getting married. The wedding was going to be quite an event, as it was being paid for by Love Chalet (with a sponsorship from Hotels.com), who were going to air it as a special episode, and all of Zara’s castmates from the show were going to be there as guests. Craig asked Duffy to be his best man, while Zara told Maya she was too pretty to be her bridesmaid. Missing from the party was Ainsley, who wasn’t talking to Craig and had no plans to attend the wedding. So since Ainsley wasn’t coming to the wedding, Craig invited Kash, who then asked for a plus three so he could bring Fatima and their dating chaperones, Basheer and Nani.

After seeing Kash at the party, Maya wrote another therapeutic breakup note that she planned to rip up and toss way, but when she went to throw it in the river, the same cop who caught her littering her note to Ted stopped her. So she put the note in her jacket and forgot about it. However, she had been wearing Duffy’s jacket – the night before, Duffy could sense that she wasn’t as excited about their relationship as he was, and so he offered her an out, to just be friends again. And unfortunately for him, she accepted.

On the day of the wedding, Ainsley was spending her time redecorating Bryce’s apartment instead of attending the ceremony. Everyone else was at the party. Maya was surprised to meet Fatima and hear about the plans for an arranged marriage. However, for folks thinking about marriage, Kash and Fatima didn’t really have a lot to say to one another and often sat in awkward silence at their table. Kash stepped away to confront Maya about the feelings they had for one another, which she denied. While Kash was gone, Basheer asked Fatima to dance, and she suddenly became a completely different person – all lit up, talkative, and delighted as Basheer recounted a lot of the small details and stories her Nani had told him about her. There was a palpable connection between these two, much more so than between Fatima and Kash.

Meanwhile, Duffy ran into Gemma and told her about the note he found in his pocket. He was convinced that he was the subject of Maya’s letter, in which she stated that she still had feelings, despite calling off the relationship. So he decided to use his best man speech to win her back. Gemma tried to convince Duffy that this was a bad idea and that the note probably wasn’t about him, but he took the stage anyway. Just as Duffy was about to declare his love for Maya, Ainsley showed up – Bryce had convinced her to drop her jealousy of Craig getting married and be there for her friend. She gave a rousing apologetic speech to Craig and Zara and congratulated the happy couple. As Ainsley talked, Duffy saw Maya and Kash together and realized that Gemma was right. When it was time for him to resume his speech, he was at a loss for words and awkwardly took his seat. Afterwards, Ainsley went home with Garrett, who had literally hit on every woman at the wedding, including Maya and Gemma, and was rejected by them all. Duffy confronted Maya about Kash, and she pleaded with him not to say anything to Ainsley. Later, when Kash dropped Fatima off at home, she told him that she wanted to break things off because she had feelings for Basheer – he was the thing she always looked forward to most about their dates. Ouch, but a happy turn of events for everyone involved, as Kash was now free to pursue Maya and Fatima was able to pursue Basheer.

This show is so much fun, finding interesting ways to integrate many delightful rom-com tropes into each episode. There are always laugh-out-loud moments, like Craig and Zara’s first dance swap-out, Garrett trying to hook up with everyone at the wedding, and Ainsley’s joking with Kash about finally getting to see the end of a wedding. At the same, time there’s also lots of great, heartwarming character drama and plot twists. Fatima and Basheer make a wonderful couple – while I didn’t necessarily see that one coming, it’s perfect…and her Nani is already a big fan of Bash. While I certainly see those two characters married in the future, I doubt it would be one of the two remaining on-screen weddings – they don’t really have the connections to the main four characters that would give all of them a reason to attend. Another nice thing about the Fatima breakup is that this finally leaves things open for Maya and Kash to go for it…well, except for that one small detail of how Ainsley is going to feel about her best friend dating her ex-fiancé. Also, even though Duffy gave Maya the out, he seemed quite heartbroken over learning that Maya broke up with him because she loved someone else – how is he going to take this breakup, and does he still even want to remain friends with Maya? We also saw more hints of a relationship forming between Duffy and Gemma, as she was the one who tried to prevent him from making a fool of himself and likely will be the one to console him about this breakup revelation. We’ve got just four episodes and two weddings to go, and my money is still on Duffy/Gemma and Maya/Kash. Though both relationships still seem a bit too new to be talking marriage anytime soon, so perhaps we’ll jump ahead in one of the upcoming episodes.

On this week’s episode, “The Sound of Music,” Maya feels guilty that her work is forcing her to interact with Ainsley’s ex; Andrew and Tony 2 realize they have an unexpected connection; Bryce tries to take his professional relationship with Ainsley to the next level; and Gemma gets on Duffy’s case about his lazy teaching.

Check it out now on Hulu!

I’ll also be watching/recording Big Brother, Hollywood Game Night, MasterChef, BH90210, Hypnotize Me, South Side, and Younger.

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If We Controlled Your Remote… 8/14/19

Have you ever been at a loss as to what to watch? Too many shows to pick from? We’re here to give you our opinions on what we feel is worth watching. Check it out and then let us know in the comments below what you’re choosing for tonight!

Kyle’s Choice

As last week’s episode of Hulu’s Four Weddings and a Funeral opened, we learned that Maya and Duffy had indeed spent the night together, and neither seemed to regret it. Maya was happy to finally be with a good guy who wasn’t hiding any dark secrets, and Duffy, well, he had been dreaming of this for a decade, and so they decided to pursue a relationship. Meanwhile, Love Chalet had become a phenomenon, and everyone was glued to their TV sets to follow the crazy drama and see what Zara was up to. Craig was surprisingly enjoying himself, especially when the first guy Zara fell for turned out to be gay. However, his attitude changed when Zara started making out with dimwitted but hunky housemate Garrett. That is, until he noticed Zara scratching her head while looking at the camera – this was the sign she would make to Craig when she wanted to be rescued from a bad situation – Craig was convinced that Zara was sending him a signal. So he organized a watch party with his friends in order to get a second opinion, but when Ainsley unexpectedly showed up and saw Kash there, the party came to an abrupt end. She was livid at Craig’s betrayal – that he still friends with Kash – and stormed off. Craig was still convinced that Zara still liked him and was calling out for him, so he managed to get himself on the show, where he, dressed only in a Speedo, proposed to Zara but was unfortunately rejected.

Ainsley was still having money issues, so when a rich woman showed up saying she was going through a divorce and wanted to spend all her husband’s money before it was finalized, Ainsley jumped at the opportunity. However, it turned out that wife was the one cheating, and her husband Bryce (guest Dermot Mulroney) was the good guy, and he asked Ainsley not to cash the check. There seemed to be some sparks between the two… Could he be a potential new mate for Ainsley? Meanwhile, Gemma’s son finally made some new friends and wanted to attend a sleepover at school, which left her alone for the first time. Fortunately, the gang was going to a bar to help Craig drown his sorrows, and Duffy had invited Gemma to join them. Kash showed up with Basheer since Fatima wasn’t interested in going to this unchaperoned event. There were some definite sparks between Kash and Maya as their eyes met. And later, after a fight broke out in the bar and Kash ended up at the hospital, he admitted to Maya that he still thinks about the day they first met.

As last week’s episode came to a close, Craig was watching the season finale of Love Chalet, where Zara received another marriage proposal…from Garrett. However, before Craig could hear her give her response, there was a knock on his door – it was Zara! She scratched her head, making sure that Craig could see her ring-less finger. Craig was right; she WAS giving him a signal!

I am really enjoying this series. The Love Chalet stuff in last week’s episode was so ridiculously over the top and hilarious but not so far off from what happens on these reality dating shows. It’s also been a lot of fun trying to figure out who’s going to end up with whom and fill out the rest of the show’s weddings. After last week’s episode, it looks like Craig and Zara are going to get back together – could this be our second wedding?! While Craig may have fixed one relationship, he still has some fence-mending to do with Ainsley, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to be a quick fix. Will she ever forgive Craig? And will she ever talk to Kash again, because it looks like he’ll be around the group for a while. He and Maya definitely still have feelings for one another, but both are currently in a new relationship. Will either of them make the next move before it’s too late? If Maya does break things off with Duffy, it looks like Duffy and Gemma could make a good pairing. Last week, they had a connection in the car ride back to the apartment, and it seemed like Gemma was referring to herself when she told Duffy he could do better than Maya. Duffy is also very similar to her kind, caring deceased husband and gets along great with kids her son’s age – he even teaches at her son’s school. Could these three couples be the brides and grooms for the remaining weddings? Or will Ainsley get another shot at love (perhaps with Bryce?), or will some unforseen twists in the second half of the season shake things up? Only 5 episodes and 3 weddings still remain…

On this week’s episode, “Lights, Camera, Wedding,” Ainsley doubles down on her fight with Craig; Duffy stumbles upon a secret love letter that gives him hope; and Kash considers taking the next step with Fatima.

Check out the new episode now on Hulu!

I’ll also be watching/recording Match Game, Big Brother, MasterChef, BH90210, Bulletproof, Hypnotize Me, South Side, Krypton, and Younger.

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